5 Reasons Why Britain Loves Bingo

Bingo is one of the most popular pastimes in the UK without a doubt. The people of this country seemingly can’t get enough of the game, enjoying playing it both in halls and online. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the surprising reasons why bingo is top dog here.

We Love a Bargain

Bargain hunters in the UK are pretty popular, with entire television shows dedicated to saving money. People like Martin Lewis have made a career upon telling people what to buy, when to buy it and what to avoid. We’re really a frugal nation at heart, with sensible spending a pillar of our culture.

When you play bingo online, you will see sites offering vast amounts of freebies. Playing for free and winning cash is possible, which will appeal to most players, as UK site Rocket Bingo found out when they won the 2016 Which Bingo Award! They can then stick around for longer and end up contributing money to a site. This arrangements benefits both of these parties, with savvy bingo shoppers able to make the most of their money. Update 2021: Rocket Bingo has since discontinued their free bingo games.

It’s a Well Regulated Market

Gambling was once seen as dangerous and somewhat sketchy, but this has all changed in the last few decades. The UK Gambling Commission is responsible for policing all gambling, including bingo. They test halls and sites to make sure it’s all fair, to reduce the number of fixed games going around.

Consumers in the UK are really well protected and even reminded by operators to gamble responsibly, which creates a great atmosphere to play in. The Advertising Standards Agency also ensure that advertisements are not misleading and the consumer gets what they expect.

We’re Social and so is Bingo

Chatting to friends is a big part of playing bingo, as well as making new ones. Sitting beside new people and sharing a few wins is ingrained in the culture of this game. This is why chat rooms are essential for online bingo players, as they still want this social experience.

While British people may not always seem like the most outgoing bunch, put them in a bingo hall and they’ll start chatting in no time.

Games can be Cheap

With bingo, you can really pick how much you want to spend. Different games will all have their own ticket prices, but they’re not usually over £2 a ticket. The prizes you can win also generally scale up with the ticket price, so you’re usually playing for a better jackpot if you splash out a bit more.

If you want to play frugally then you can play for free or just with pennies, so this game is accessible for every budget. You definitely don’t need to be a high roller to have a go on these games, especially with all those offers in place.

It’s Flexible Fun

Whether you want to head out to the bingo hall during the day or play online bingo first thing in the morning, UK players really have it all. We have mobile bingo, online bingo and physical bingo halls to pick from, so you can play any way or any time that you like.

We can even pick the provider that we want to play with, based on a range of different factors. If you want a particular game then you may opt to play online, but if you want to catch up with friends then you may pop out to a bingo hall. This makes playing the game super flexible and it fits around your life.

With all of these reasons to consider, it’s no wonder that this is still one of the top games in Britain. We all love to win big and have fun, bingo really ticks all the boxes for most players.