Britain’s Ethical Fashion Designers

Ethical fashion is an approach to designing of clothes and fashion items that emphasises sourcing, design and manufacturing of items in a way which benefits the communities who make the items whilst minimising the impact of prodution on the environment. Ethical concerns have become prominent in recent years and ethical fashion has grown tremendously in the past few years. Clothes that have been made using ethical principles also appeal to consumers as a reaction against clothing that is made cheaply and is of resultant low quality. People are also beginning to realise that ethical clothing does not have to mean dowdy clothing, Many top designers are focusing on ethical products that are stylish and are setting fashion trends.

One hot fashion designer is Izzy Lane. All of her garments come from wool which comes mainly from her own sheep, saved from slaughter. All items are made in Britain to prevent exploitation and for environmental reasons. She had a popular Wensleydale Collection which is made from her Wensleydale long haired sheep as well as a Shetland collection. Izzy Lane also designs an exciting range of accessories made using ethical principles.

Katherine Hamnett is another popular figure in the world of British Ethical fashion. She centres on 80s style fashion which is made ethically and sustainably. Her signature look is slogan t shirts which have been worn by many celebrities including Lily Cole at London Fashion Week, Peaches Geldoff and KT Tunstall. Katherine has a organic cotton range which is made according to extremely stringent standards. It is grown in soil which contains no pesticides and chemical fertilisers.

Another hot British Ethical designer is Julia Smith. Her current Spring/Summer collection is full of gorgeous pieces that are both stylish and ethical. She uses forward thinking design as well as ethical production values to create her fabulous pieces that don`t compromise on fashion.

Stella McCartney is also a well known name within the world of Ethical Fashion. Stella has strong ethical principles, her collection is free from all fur and leather. Her new collection is extremely modern, it focuses on a youthful city look with a feminine edge. She has had much success in the world of fashion, she has a range of famous clients and designs for many high street stores. She maintains ethical designs are an integral part of her work.

Many designers are now facing new challenges such as how to incorporate denim products into ethical collections. Jeans are a staple fashion must have and the success of brands such as Diesel Jeans and Levi has meant many designer ethical brands wish to produce ethical green Denim. The interest in Ethical fashion is growing and Britain contains some of the hottest ethical designers of the moment. The main focus in Ethical fashion is great designs as well as ethical practices that help promote fair trade and protect the environment.