Chewits celebrate 50th anniversary with Chewbilee App

Chewers! It’s Chewits 50th anniversary and to celebrate this chewtastic year, the iconic chewy sweet brand have launched their very own Chewits Chewbilee App. The Chewits Chewbilee app gives users the opportunity to vote for their all-time favourite Chewits advert. The adverts span from the early ‘Monster Muncher’ chomping through Barrow in Furness bus depot to the popular roller skating Chewie bopping along to the iconic sounds of ‘I like to chew it chew it.”




After 50 years of the brands roaring success, the App merges the nostalgic charm of the brand whilst launching it directly into the digital sphere. The Chewits Chewbilee campaign will run for 6 weeks and the aim of the campaign is to find out the Nations favourite Chewits advert. Users will get the opportunity to choose from the 6 best adverts over the past 50 years and be entered in a prize draw to win 1 of 10 IPad Airs. Other prizes include 50 goody bags in 50 minutes and branded Chewits merchandise.




Caroline Hill Brand Manager of Chewits said “The 50th anniversary has been brilliant so far with the recent success of the ‘Chewie on the Loose’ App. The launch of the ‘50th Chewbilee’ App is great because it allows younger and older audiences re-engage with the brand and gives everybody the chance to win incredible prizes. We are really looking forward to seeing the results of the 6 week campaign and finding out which advert was voted as the nation’s favourite!”

The App can be found on the Chewie the Chewitsaurus Facebook page. Vote now for your favourite Chewits advert and get involved with the Chewits 50th anniversary celebrations!