Things to do for Doctor Who Fans

Some TV programmes, books and films seem to attract the most passionate and star-struck fans. Twilight has its twi-hards, Potter fans mass at every book and film opening while many Game of Thrones lovers can quote every memorable scene by heart.

One TV show that should never be underestimated for its popular appeal and the fervor of its fans is Doctor Who. First appearing on television screens in 1963, the Time Lord and is various companions have been battling foes and saving the public for nearly half a century.

However, like all popular television trends, there are some fans that prove themselves to be a little more committed than the rest. With this in mind for anyone who considers themselves to be a true Doctor Who fan – here are ten things to prove your loyalty.

1.      Buy the box set

With 790 episodes to date and more on the way, there are plenty of past seasons that are well worth catching up on. Be sure to buy the box set and get up to date with plot lines, adversaries and companions new and old.

2.      Visit the Dr. Who experience in Cardiff

Travel through time, fly the TARDIS and come face to face with some of his greatest foes. This is one of the most interactive and exciting experiences available for true fans of the doctor so take a trip over the Welsh border for an unforgettable day.

3.      Catch up with doctors new and old
You might know every line of Matt Smith and David Tennant’s scripts but how is your knowledge of John Pertwee or Peter Davison? Brush up on your knowledge of past doctors to prove to others just how dedicated a fan you are.

4.      See a Dr. Who exhibition

Different exhibitions celebrating the Doctor run throughout the years so be sure to catch one at some stage. Or if you’re a true fan, why not host a stand of your own? Creating professional and exceptional quality trade show stands is easier than it looks, with companies like CEI exhibitions on hand to help.

5.      Meet your favourite characters

From Billie Piper to Catherine Tate, there have been over 35 different companions and friends helping the Doctor along. Snag a picture with your favourite and be sure to get an autograph.

6.      Get a photo with a Dalek
Get up close and personal with the ultimate bad guys, there are plenty of exhibitions and events which have Daleks on-hand to pose for a quick photo.

7.      Learn to play the theme song

Crack out the old keyboard or recorder and commit the catchy, iconic theme tune to memory. You can even record it and set it as your ringtone.

8.      Volunteer as an extra
Want to be in the thick of the action? You can’t get much more involved than working on set as an extra – the ultimate experience for true fans.

9.      Set up a Dr. Who quiz night with your friends
Test out who reigns supreme as the ultimate Dr. Who fan with a themed quiz night. You can find plenty of quizzes online if you don’t want to generate the questions yourself.

10.  Write a script for a new show

Think you know your Dr. Who better than its creators? Start scripting some new material for the next episode or perhaps stage your own version at home.