5 Top Tips For Space Saving In Bathrooms

The smallest room in a house is usually the bathroom. This is also one of the rooms that is frequented the most by every member of the household. Invariably, this means that this small space is home to all the towels, everyone’s toiletries, not to mention fixtures such as a bath, toilet, basin and possibly a shower cubicle.

When you consider how much has to be packed into such a limited space, it is little wonder that the bathroom is the most complained about room when it comes to lack of storage.

For those looking to create space in their smaller bathrooms, help is at hand with some our bathroom ideas which offer advice on how to maximise storage and give the illusion of space within a bathroom of any size.

1 – Get Creative

Take a look around the home for unused items that could be of use within the bathroom. Two-tier cake stand at the back of a kitchen cupboard? Use it to store shampoo and shower gel bottles in a convenient tidy for a counter top. Not gotten round to putting that new spice rack up in the kitchen? Screw it to the wall next to a bathroom vanity or mirror, for a perfect storage solution for toothpaste and hair products. These solutions give an illusion of space by removing clutter.

2 – Shower/Bath

One of the most obvious space-saving solutions in the bathroom is to combine the bath and the shower. Putting a shower over a bath frees up space that would usually have been taken by a shower cubicle, and still allows users to have the best of both worlds. There are luxury options now available to remove the sense of frugality that can often come with shower baths; whirlpool shower baths and L-shaped shower baths are just two of the high-end options available.

3 – Wetroom

Turning a plain old bathroom into a wetroom is a bigger commitment, both financially and time-wise, but it removes the need for the partitions and curtains that can often make a room feel smaller. The space becomes more open, with less obstructions and more room to manoeuvre.

4 – Mirrors

If your bathroom would benefit from a more even distribution of light, or just something that will make the space appear larger, invest in a large bathroom mirror. Mirrors are necessities in bathrooms as it is, and investing in a large one has the added benefit of increasing the amount of light that bounces around the room. This method brightens up a space and makes it appear roomier.

5 – Towel Rails

Replacing a radiator with towel rail can be a wise move for those who have smaller bathrooms. Radiators are often small and wide, and don’t offer much towel storage, whereas a vertical heated towel rail allows for the storage of two or three towels, and takes up much less space. Instead of drawing the eye downwards and making the room appear crowded, they lift the eye line, which increases the illusion of space.