Analysis and secrets of James Bond fights

With the imminent release of Spectre – the latest in the James Bond film series – our team set about analysing how the James Bond Fights. We wanted to reveal:

– Has the fight moves James Bond uses changed over time?

– Has Bond become more violent?

– What are the most-used weapons?

– How often has Bond hit women?

The research for which bond has killed the most people has already been performed so we wanted to take a different approach. The study by the telegraph “James Bond: acts of violence in 007 films have doubled since first film” showed the Pierce Brosnan killed the most people as James Bond (averaging 19 kills per film). Our research highlighted the fact the Pierce Brosnan would typically kill people with guns so we wanted to see which Bond enjoyed hand-to-hand combat the most.




The findings are very interesting.

We are able to supply the raw data in an excel spreadsheet or we have summarised it in an infographic (attached).

some quick finding are:

– George Lazenby is the most combative Bond of all time with Daniel Craig the next most violent.

– Although Pierce Brosnan on average killed the most people, he on struck enemies an average of 26 time per film (the second lowest out of all bonds).

– Sean Connery hits an average hits women 1.5 times per film which is the most out of all the Bonds.

– The most common weapon Bond uses to subdue enemies is doors and wall.

– However he does use a range of unusual weapons including maggots, an anchor, a parasol and a Bikini top.