British women love buying experience days for their men

It can often be quite difficult buying gifts for men, especially those who already seem to have everything.

Often, when a woman asks a man, whether it’s a partner, brother or dad, what gift they would like, many will say that they don’t know.  This can result in even more socks and pants cluttering the drawers, or novelty items that they don’t really want but accept due to politeness.

This is where the concept of experience days for men can be one of the best types of gifts that you can buy.  An experience can provide an opportunity for him to have a go at something that he loves, or even provide a fun day out doing something that he’s never done before.

It’s very odd that there are a huge amount of experience gifts that are aimed toward British men, yet it seems that the target audience for these sites are not entirely intended for them, but for women instead.

Reports have shown that it is in fact women who tend to do almost all of the research into gift experience days, as well as making the transactions – although often using their male partner’s payment card.

Experience days for men are most certainly on the rise and it’s easy to see why, as there are many once in a lifetime opportunities to be had with them.

Here are a handful of experience gift ideas for men.

Lamborghini Thrill

Most men have an infatuation with cars that some women just can’t understand, and a session behind the wheel of the most sought after ‘supercar’ is guaranteed to make an ideal gift for anyone who loves sporty cars.

The Lamborghini is the most exclusive of Italian supercars and can reach speeds that any petrol head will dream of experiencing.

The experience will start with an introduction and safety briefing on circuit driving techniques; there may also be one or two demo laps with an instructor in a salon car before hand.

After this, an expert instructor will be in the supercar with you for an exhilarating drive around a course.  You’ll also be awarded with an individual driving certificate afterwards.

World’s Wackiest Racers

This will most certainly be a memorable event, as this is one of the most unique motorised experiences ever.

Being raced around a track on an 87mph sofa, being behind the wheel of a Double Decker car or getting aboard the world’s fastest desk; this is definitely one of those experiences that you will never forget…

The day will start off with a meeting with instructors; you’ll be fitted into racing overalls and then be given a health and safety a talk before jumping on the world’s fastest beds and speeding off into the sunset.

This is a truly one of a kind experience for anyone with a love of thrilling speeds and a wacky sense of humour.

Indoor Skydiving

This is a real treat for anyone who is a bit of a thrill seeker, but still considers safety to be relatively high on their list.

Indoor skydiving will give you the complete thrill and buzz of freefall, but in a safe environment.

After checking in, you will need to take part in a short class with a video brief and instruction, and then you’re free to go it alone in a realistic skydiving experience.

You’ll get two, one-minute flights where you’ll learn the basic freefall position, as well as a DVD as a reminder of this amazing experience.

Golf Experience

Whether they consider themselves an up and coming Nick Faldo, or not…  This is an ideal gift for any golf lover, whether they want to show off their skills or try to improve them.

With a course full of picturesque surroundings on a potentially sunny day, any golf enthusiast will consider this an incredible experience gift.