Collectables Market Boom with Star Wars Movie Excitement Growing

Are you sitting on an Star Wars figurine worth GBP18,000? This is the question being asked by, the online collectables marketplace, which has teamed up with ITV’s This Morning’ and BBC’s Flog it! Antiques, Fashion and Collectables Expert, Tracy Martin and Antiques Expert and TV regular, Eric Knowles to launch free online appraisals for curious treasure hunters.

The dedicated collectables marketplace website have announced the launch of ‘Appraisals’, free functionality that encourages knowledgeable collectors and experts to value items online.

Rareburg have seen unprecedented interest in the collectables market prompted by the impending release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. “We’re seeing a 150% growth in our collectable toys category in recent months” explains Rareburg’s Marketing Manager, Lucy Clarke. “As well as retro toys, dolls, vintage fashion, film posters and mid-century interiors are all hot-to-trot items right now. With the buyers market so strong, people are digging out their old toys and household items in the hope they’ll stumble upon a gem.”


Eric Knowles valuing on

Eric Knowles valuing on


In January 2015, Vectis Auctions sold an unopened Boba Fett figurine from The Empire Strikes Back movie originally costing GBP1.50 in 1980 for GBP18,000 despite the character only appearing on the big screen for 3 minutes.

Dave Moss, whose vast retro toy collection was recently featured on BBC2’s popular Collectaholics programme, predicts “prices on vintage Star Wars toys will rise as fans are reminded about their childhood toys that are either still in lofts or lost to time, especially as the new film stars many of the classic characters from the original trilogy including Han Solo and Chewie”.

Moss, Rareburg’s Retro Toy Expert adds, “The new Star Wars film is also bringing modern toys from episodes 1 to 3 to the fore that are now becoming collectable in their own right. Episode 1 toys from 1999 are now getting harder to find and are climbing in value. Young fans from the modern trilogy will now be in their 20s and will want to start reliving fond childhood memories.”

Tracy Martin, ITV’s This Mornings’ Collectables Expert muses, “It never ceases to amaze me how some people still do not realise what treasures they have stashed in their lofts, garages and even under the bed. Nostalgia is where the money is at the moment with people buying back their childhood toys and turning memories into serious money.”

Eric Knowles, Tracy Martin and want to help you turn what you think may be trash into treasure. Climb that loft ladder, shift that bed and rummage through your old stuff. If you find something of note – it could be a vase, a childhood toy, a painting or even a postcard – you can then list it on in a couple of easy steps. Tracy and Eric will then pick the most interesting items to personally value online every month.

Tracy’s top tip “Never underestimate the power of nostalgia as you could be sitting on a fortune.”

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