Contemporary Artist Jeremy Houghton as Artist in Residence on the Estate


Goodwood Revival welcomes award winning, contemporary visual artist Jeremy Houghton as Artist in Residence on the Estate, allowing him to draw inspiration from the international events, venues and beautiful South Downs setting.

Houghton, whose passion is painting themes of motion, time and space, feels that the Goodwood Estate encapsulates all these high octane subject. It can even be said that he depicts and conveys these realities almost more convincingly than any amount of photographic detail.


Goodwood 2015

Goodwood 2015


With Houghton’s work being an ongoing study of speed, horse-power and flight and with Goodwood’s cultural heritage and sporting history, his residency here is a perfect setting to capture the spirit of sport and spectacle as well as the Goodwood community; the house as a home, life on the farm, at the kennels, in the forests, in the gardens and on the Downs, this is where generations of families have kept Goodwood the very place it continues to be today.


Jeremy Houghton - The Queen

Jeremy Houghton – The Queen


The residency came about because of Houghton’s sporting work at the Olympics and as the Royal Artist in Residence at both Highgrove and Windsor Castle. These experiences, along with equestrian and classic car commissions that have been received provide helpful provenance in producing the ‘Horse Power’ collection of Goodwood, which will be exhibited during 2015 and 2016.

‘My paintings are all about the edges, and that’s where I like to be’ – Jeremy Houghton