Ezra Amarfio brings back ties with British sartorial style

New luxury menswear accessories brand, Ezra Amarfio enters the fashion world with a mission to evoke a passion once more for great British design that is rooted in history. Launching in autumn, the heritage inspired range of neckties, bowties, scarves and pocket squares from the exclusive retailer is handmade in England by skilled artisans to produce impeccable articles that are poised to reintroduce an affinity with craft heritage and sartorial style.




In a fashion landscape where the value of skilfully made pieces and elegant design has become diluted in favour of mass produced, casual clothing, Ezra Amarfio travels forward by looking back, taking inspiration from manufacturing processes and silhouettes from a more refined era in fashion. Using natural fabrics sourced from esteemed mills that are steeped in history, the original menswear accessory brand tailors this cloth to create classic style pieces to build a truly sophisticated, British sartorial wardrobe.

Jeff Amarfio, Creative Director of Ezra Amarfio said, “When starting Ezra Amarfio, our aim was to produce exceptionally well made articles to appeal to the most discerning judges of style, however our full aspirations go much deeper than this. By presenting a selection of magnificent accoutrements using time honoured traditional techniques we endeavour to showcase the true value of this heritage manufacturing process, provoking a renewed appreciation for classic, British style.”




Amarfio continued, “Our collection is small and comprises of just four articles crafted from each fabric, yet each accessory chosen in this quartet represents the most iconic styles of menswear accessories. The most dashing men in recent history have long had an affinity with quality accessories and it is this relationship we wish to nurture at Ezra Amarfio. We use the finest cloths that have become synonymous with distinguished taste to produce each ensemble, including the elegant printed patterns of Liberty fabric, soft and sumptuous Harris Tweed and the distinctive Prince of Wales check produced in the finest Scottish cashmere and Australian merino Wool. Rather than being turned around quickly through automation, each piece is created with ultimate discretion to produce immaculate accessories that honour time-tested techniques.”




Ezra Amarfio enters the market this autumn with the launch of the much anticipated Perennial Collection. The range is created with wools and silks sourced from some of Britain’s most esteemed mills and consists of fabrics such as Real Ancient Madder and 36oz twills from the historical silk town of Macclesfield. These fabrics come together to produce numerous variations of the four piece set, featuring a bowtie (available in self tie and pre-tied options), necktie and pocket square, as well as an additional duo of pocket squares showcasing the Liberty printed fabric. Those that browse the collection will be spoilt for choice with a range of fine textiles to choose from, which includes black watch tartan, barley brown herringbone and mineral green shetland fabric.

The fine offering of British menswear accessories launches in September 2016. For an exclusive insight into Ezra Amarfio, join the mailing list by visiting http://www.ezraamarfio.com/