Good To See promoting tourism for visiting football fans

Good To See’s Come to The Match, Stay for the Weekend is designed to promote tourism to visiting football fans of Premier League clubs as they travel around the country supporting their teams.

Whether they decide to extend their stay on their own, with mates or bring the family along, football fans are being asked to make the most of their visits.

It was estimated that Blackpool’s single season in the Premier League attracted an extra £30 million for local attractions and new clubs, Bournemouth, Watford and Norwich are hoping it does the same for them.

England and Wales’s Premier league football clubs are within easy reach of some of the country’s best tourist attractions, from beaches to amusement parks. So why not make the most of an away day and make a weekend of it.

good to see“I was talking to a friend who was looking forward to visiting Watford FC next month on the basis that it gave him an excuse to take in The Making of Harry Potter at the same time! ” says Simon Harding CEO and Founder of Good To See . “This made me wonder how many other closet Potterheads would be doing the same this season! It wasn’t long before we were asking the question of chocoholics visiting Aston Villa, or Coronation Street fans visiting Manchester!”

Harding drew up a list of Premier League clubs and nearby attractions and the idea spread.

For some clubs it is a specific attraction, for other’s, like Newcastle’s legendary nightlife, or the beaches around Swansea or Bournemouth, it is all about just enjoying the place rather than dashing home, so that all you need is a hotel for the night.

Get Involved

If you want your club, town or attraction to get involved, contact Good To See .