Lavolio’s new Fondant Lovelies delicious at any time

Treat yourself to a sensory revelation with Fondant Lovelies the latest creation from boutique confectioner, Lavolio, makers of luxury handmade Italian confectionery.

Each box of soft Fondant Lovelies contains a mix from our six exquisite flavours: orange, raspberry, lemon, almond, pear and violet.  Every individual fondant is unique; crafted by hand using traditional moulds and then hand finished to ensure each is subtly different to any other.  It takes 21 hours to make Fondant Lovelies to Lavolio’s secret recipe using all natural ingredients and essential oils with no artificial flavourings or colourings.  Their purity means they melt in the mouth in a moment of sheer unadulterated pleasure.




Lavolio is the creation of British-Italian entrepreneur Lavinia Davolio who abandoned a high-flying career in banking to follow her passion for food.  Drawing on her Italian roots and a nation’s history of confectionery making dating back to Roman times, Lavinia has re-invented, and reinterpreted an age-old tradition, using Italian expertise to bring her confectionery dreams to life.  The Fondant Lovelies are the newest to become a reality, creating a delicate teatime treat or a refreshing after-dinner temptation.

While delicious at any time, Fondant Lovelies are of course perfect for Mother’s Day, make a luxurious Easter gift or beautiful, delicate wedding favours.  Available for around £6.00 from Partridge’s of Sloane Square and on line from or these sophisticated treats made in Piedmont are the last word in confectionery perfection!

But don’t take our word for it; here is what some of their customers have said on Instagram (#lavolio):

‘OMG they are so unbelievably nice.  They taste amazing.’ Kay

‘Perfect little sugary mouthfuls of joy.’  Fiona

‘I’m in love with them.’ Heather

To find out more about Lavolio and the rest of the range visit