OLPRO Launches National Picnic Association To Boost British Picnics

There’s something very British about picnics, especially when we have good weather to go with them. So it’s surprising there is no official organisation supporting best picnic practice in the UK.

That’s why family camping and outdoor manufacturer www.olproshop.com has decided to fill the gap with the launch of the National Picnic Association.




They’ve gathered a host of information on their website, including the best places in the country to picnic, lots of recipe ideas, themes and suggestions to encourage the Brits to picnic all year round. OLPRO has also sourced companies throughout the UK who create picnics to go, plus a list organised charity picnic events. Commenting on the National Picnic Association, OLPRO MD Daniel Walton said:

“The Brits are a timid lot when it comes to outdoor eating, with most people considering a picnic or BBQ exclusive to the summer months. Given our weather is so unreliable, we want people to start picnicking all year round. It’s a great way to get the kids outdoors and away from their mobiles and laptops, if for no other reason.

We’re hoping to involve everyone in the launch of the National Picnic Association. We’re encouraging people to upload their own picnic spots and recipes to our website and we’re happy to include listings for any businesses or charities associated with picnics”.

As well as making the OLPRO website the one-stop-shop for all things picnicky, the company is planning a series of events in 2016 to encourage people to rethink picnics. This will include National Picnic At Your Desk Day and Extreme Picnicking.