Ordnance Survey have officially mapped the cobbles of Coronation Street

Surveying Coronation Street

Surveying Coronation Street

Britain’s most famous cobbled street has been accurately mapped by national map makers Ordnance Survey (OS).

With over 280 years of history between Coronation Street and Ordnance Survey, the much loved British institutions have produced a detailed map of the iconic television street. This latest mapping development follows the recent move of the Coronation Street lot from ITV’s Quay Street studios to its new purpose built state-of-the-art home in Trafford.

Fans of the Weatherfield soap can now see the famous street in a new light, thanks to the recently produced large-scale map. The new detailed map of Coronation Street has been produced using OS MasterMap and accurately shows building outlines, street layout and footpaths. The map has also been updated to feature additional information including house numbers, character details and the names of the famous shops and focal points including the Rovers Return and the Kabin. You’ll see that Carla doesn’t have far to walk to work, while the Rovers is only a hop, skip and a jump away for Ken and Deirdre.

Rob Andrews from Ordnance Survey said: “This has been a great project and highlights Ordnance Survey’s commitment to accurately map the rapidly changing face of Great Britain. This is one of the most famous streets in the country; however, it is only one of 87 other Coronation Streets which feature on the OS database.”

In addition to the 87 Coronation Streets in Great Britain there are also 171 Coronation Roads, 93 Coronation Avenues, 2 Coronation Mews and 8 Coronation Squares. However, there are only four other Rovers Returns in Great Britain, compared to 54 Woolpacks and 24 Queen Victoria’s.

Rob added; “Ordnance Survey maintain one of the most detailed and accurate geographic databases in the world and it is vitally important that all urban and rural features are captured. Everyday millions of people rely on location information, ranging from walkers exploring the countryside to an ambulance responding to an emergency call. It is important that all users are viewing accurate mapping data.”

Coronation Street MapOS is responsible for collecting and maintaining the digital mapping database for Great Britain by surveying rural and urban landscapes. The intelligent database which contains over 460 million geographic features is updated over 10,000 times every day by a team of surveyors who accurately map the changing face of the nation. Mapping updates can range from changes in kerb lines to the addition of new roads, houses and retail properties.

The Ordnance Survey database is used to produce a range of products and services from the popular outdoor leisure maps (OS Explorer and OS Landranger Maps) to a large-scale topographic dataset, OS MasterMap.