Primula Cheese’s sandwich recipes ready for British Sandwich Week

In celebration of British Sandwich Week (8-14 May), Primula Cheese has put together a selection of sandwich recipes – from classic flavour combinations to retro favourites. 

When it comes to the quintessential British snack, nothing beats the classic sandwich.

Ever since the Fourth Earl of Sandwich John Montagu ordered his valet to bring him meat tucked between two pieces of bread back in the 18thCentury, we the British public have been experimenting with all manner of fantastic fillings to create our favourite flavour combinations.

In celebration of British Sandwich Week (8-14 May), Primula Cheese has put together a selection of sandwich recipes – from classic flavour combinations to retro favourites. Why not grab a loaf and your favourite flavour of Primula and give them a go!


1.    The ‘Classic’


Primula Cheese and Tomato Sandwich


Combine Primula Cheese with Ham with slices of freshly cut tomato to create this classic flavour combination, sure to win over even the fussiest of filling pleasers. Yum!


2.    The ‘Posh’


Primula Salmon and Cheese Bagel


If you’re looking for something a bit special, try combining smoked salmon with Primula Light and a sprinkle of fresh cress leaves. Feeling fancy? Why not go crust-less for that perfect finishing touch, or try it in a freshly baked bagel?


3.    The ‘So hot right now’


Primula Cheese and Avacado Sandwich


Avocado is the superfood everyone is talking about, and combined with Primula Cheese with Prawns it makes a healthy and tasty lunchtime treat. Team it with seeded or wholemeal bread for an extra-healthy kick, or why not add some baby gem lettuce leaves for extra crunch?


4.    The ‘Cheese Crunch’


Primula Cheese Crunch Sandwich by Cassie Fairy


If you’re a fan of the classic ‘cheese crunch’ sandwich, why not try blogger Cassie Fairy’s very own version, using spring onions, grated cheddar, finely diced red pepper and Primula Cheese with Chives. Simply put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix before spreading onto slices of white buttered bread.

If the combinations above all sound a little bit too ‘grown up’, why not indulge in a little nostalgia this British Sandwich Week by recreating that playground classic – the crisp sandwich. Simply pick one of the many varieties of Primula Cheese, add your favourite flavour crisps and enjoy!

We asked the great British public* how they were incorporating Primula into their sandwiches and had some weird and wonderful responses, including:

–        Primula Original Cheese with chicken and peanut butter, toasted

–        Primula Original Cheese on toast with sausages and brown sauce

–        Primula Original Cheese and chips for a cheesy chip butty

–        Primula Cheese with Chives with sun dried tomatoes and crispy bacon pieces

–        Primula Cheese with Chives and sliced grilled steak and in a tortilla wrap

–        Primula Cheese with Ham spread on sliced bread then rolled up, wrapped in foil and chilled, then sliced into tasty rounds for easy canapes

–        Primula Cheese with Ham and a few pineapple chunks

Now we want to hear what you’re putting in your sandwich this British Sandwich Week. Join in the flavour debate on the Primula Facebook page ( and tell us what fillings are making you smile.

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