Reaction as Routemaster Buses Voted 2nd Best British Design

The reaction follows the results of a new poll which revealed the Routemaster bus as the second greatest British design of all time. A spokesperson for RedRoutemaster responds to the news.

The Routemaster bus has been named the second greatest British design of all time, just losing out to the red telephone box. A vote to decide the best design was conducted earlier this month, with the popular red vehicle being highly regarded by the public. The poll, sponsored by a mobile phone manufacturer, had the Union flag coming in third place.

The Routemaster buses celebrated their 60th anniversary last year, and since 1954 they’ve been gracing the streets of London and getting commuters to work. They were so successful that the design was even exported to several other nations around the world, and you can even find versions of the Routemaster bus in Australia, Canada, the United States, China and others.




The Routemaster is often associated with the colour red, however there was also a green version that was used to service more rural areas of the capital. The subsidiary called London Country Bus Service had the buses painted a different colour, before naming them ‘The Green Line’.
RedRoutemaster, a leading hire service for the iconic buses, takes a keen interest in reports such as this. A spokesperson provided this statement: “It’s no surprise to hear that so many people regard the Routemaster as such an important design, and it’s one that will forever be etched in people’s memories when they think of London.

“The buses, along with the telephone boxes and the red postbox, epitomise London and they are still very much loved today. If you’re eager to experience the prestige of the Routemaster bus again then here at RedRoutemaster we can provide you with the perfect opportunity to do so.”

RedRoutemaster are a locally owned, family run company who hire out iconic Routemaster buses for special occasions such as weddings and birthdays, as well as tours and trips for large groups of people. With a number of fully licensed vehicles – all built in West London by official manufacturers during the 1950s and 1960s – available for hire, they have established themselves as market leaders in the field.