What is Britain’s Affinity with Slot Games?

Slot Games are nothing new to the British. They’re a nation who’ve been playing these games in one form or another for decade upon decade. However, the precise nature of the game has changed dramatically with the passage of time.

Take a look back 30 years or so when the typical slot game was one in which you deposited a 2p coin and pulled the one arm bandit at the local seaside amusements. That’s a far cry from where we are now with flashing lights, bonuses and all sorts of activity.

If you take a visit to any seaside town, you’ll struggle to find one that doesn’t have some sort of amusement arcade inside of which you’ll find row after row of slot machines.  Blackpool is a typical example of this as they have thousands of slot machines in amusement parks and on the piers.

Big Money Prizes

There are a few reasons why people feel the urge to play slots but arguably the biggest draw is the most obvious one – the chance to win money!  Specifically online, players could win a life-changing sum of money just by pressing the word spin and wagering some of their hand earned cash.  There is no skill involved and all the outcomes of the spins are completely random which makes these games appealing to new players who can rest assured that they too could win the jackpot just as much as the hard-core players who play day after day.

Online Options

When people play online, they’re incentivised to continue their gaming and to increase the odds of this happening, casinos will send loyalty gifts, such as free spins their way. These gifts can even include VIP memberships to the slot sites loyalty program and in turn fan the flame of this heated romance, take a look at the fantastic promotions offered by the aptly named Slot Games casino.

Fun Fun Fun

So what else fuels Britains love for the slot games? The British love to be entertained and the entertainment factor of slot games also has a big impact on why they keep coming back for more.  In the amusement arcades, you will now see slot games based on their favourite TV soaps, films or celebrities.  No longer are you pulling the one arm bandit but you are pressing a button that spins a slot with many flashing lights and features that are fun and rewarding.  Some of the slot games in amusement parks and casinos are linked to others, therefore, it becomes a group activity where if one person is lucky enough to be awarded the bonus feature, all the others in the active community get that access too.

As you can see, the British clearly have something of an affinity with slot games and this trend looks set to continue.  There does seem to be more of a leaning towards online slots rather than the conventional land based ones but with the rise of technology this should be no surprise and with more and more online casinos opening, this trend looks set to continue.